Hello there! I hope you had a great weekend! Ours was pretty good. We went out of town to seek for supplies and have some fun. My husband has been really supportive lately and he really likes this “newborn headbands and floral crowns” idea of mine. It’s great when our loved ones support us, hu?

I love sewing too, specially handbags and I am now focusing on creating a cohesive line of products. I want a shop that will offer truly handmade headbands for babies and kids, bridal headpieces and gifts for children and moms. My style is rustic, organic, delicate, romantic, but not too shabby. I prefer darker colors, nothing too bright. I love natural fibers and leather too.

I came home with these pretty and intricate flowers. I can’t wait to start creating this week…




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Pixie Blossoms Studio

This morning in the studio while crafting some pretty newborn headbands for photographers. There are so many other things I want to create, specially floral crowns for brides, gifts for children and bridal accessories. I don’t want to stop making handbags and other things because I enjoy sewing a lot and as soon as I list all the headbands I made to my shop I will jump onto a new project. I like the freedom and variety of ideas. I hope the “newborn headbands” works for me. Working from home is a dream that I covet very much. It’s really fun making pretty things for babies using fancy flowers, natural and organic materials. The possibilities with these materials are endless.

You might be wondering how I started making these headbands. Not long ago. I’ve been toying with the idea since last year. I started gathering materials here and there combining with what I already have. There was a little voice whispering in my ears “do it”! Haha! Last January I went to Imaging USA – Phoenix and I was intrigued by so much cute props for photographers and of course everything else. So, that little voice said… “hey, this is something you could do”!

Well, I do not photograph newborns and I do not plan to do so. However I am into Photography since 1994. I studied Photography in Rio de Janeiro and I’ve always loved it for myself. There were many times I wanted to open for business here in town, but right now I prefer shooting the nature, my family, friends and, here is my portfolio with my personal work. Besides Photography I enjoy crafting, sewing, creating, drawing, painting. I wish I could stay in this craft room all day long!

dainty organic newborn headbands
 The Facebook page is about to reach 100 likes. I will post a giveaway here on Monday. Don’t miss it!

Fall is here! Nature is a colorful canvas and I enjoy this Season very much. Another day I went groceries and they had fun looking pumpkins for sale and I picked the one below to decorate the lawn.


Yesterday I went out with my husband and we strolled through the city for a bit and I had fun capturing some Fall colors.  I love taking long walks with my camera and seeing beauty in the ordinary.

fall foliage

fall colors

Photography makes me feel super good. I love it just for myself, I find joy in documenting little bits of life..

fall colors

My veggie garden is gone! We had a bit of frost another day. It’s time for some garden clean up and rest. I’ve moved all I could inside and I need to pot some herbs and place them by the window. I hope I can still plant some tulip bulbs where Tobias rests. His burial site will look pretty next Spring.

Cashew Caju has grown quite a bit. He is probably 5-6 months now. Super playful, curious and brave this lil’ guy.


Naninha is the white cat you see very blurry in the background. She is 16 years old and she has CKD. Recently she caught a cold and her eyes are not looking the best, but she is getting better. She takes fluids to keep her body hydrated every single day. She’s my BFF since 98. Her son, Tobias Malaquias, passed away last January and I am still grieving. Loss of a beloved friend hurts so much. I wasn’t expecting him going so soon.

This scraggy black cat is Sid Pessanha. My husband adopted him even though he was the ugliest in the shelter, but the sweetest. That was very important! Once in a while we have to shave him off, since he’s not able to keep up with all that crazy hair! When I am on my computer writing or browsing the Internet, he climbs on my lap and rub his head against my cheeks. That’s the cutest thing! He is the most romantic cat!


All photos shot with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 . Always go low on the same level as they are and wait for the good moment to click it! I usually grab a feather, or a interesting object and place right next to the lens when I want their attention. As soon as they look at it, focus between the eyes (very shallow depth of field for all these images) and that’s it!