Good riddance 2015

The year is about to end and I have to say this…what a strange, crazy year was this one? Heck, it was shit. Sorry, but it was shit even though we moved to a nice new home. Sometimes is hard to see the bright light when negative things happen over and over and over again. The entire year was loaded with stress, tension and ended up with my son in the ICU, the death of my father and myself taking three trips to the ER. It’s just very difficult to talk about it and I avoid even thinking about it. All I want is a break. Please!

I find that working on these photography props is the best therapy for me right now. I hope that changing calendars will change my fate, my luck. I want peace and quiet, that’s all  I need. This craft room brings me joy for sure. The best place in the house! I am thinking about all I can create and all the possibilites for 2016. I am really focused in this little business lately, because I believe it’s something I can grow and it can totally become a full time job. I don’t know all the secrets of the industry, I learn as I move forward. I don’t have hot connections with famous photographers and I am not a newborn photographer myself and for those who expect to become a prop maker beware that this is a lot of work and persistence. It’s not as easy as it looks!

January will be here soon and I will reopen my shop on the 4th. I am bringing neutrals and colorful headbands and bonnets. I like colors. Neutrals are wonderful, but I don’t think Pixie Blossoms will become a “neutral only prop shop”.  I like the freedom of doing whatever I like and I want to be true to myself, because trends fade away. Always.

I wish you a great year filled with joy!

natural photography props

  • Verity - Oh I hope 2016 is much better for you! I’ll look out for your posts because I LOVE colour! The more the better! 🌈ReplyCancel

    • Zilá - I am crossing my fingers! Thanks Verity, welcome to the blog and thanks for saying hello!ReplyCancel

  • Kat - Oh Zee! I am so with you on seeing 2015 getting the heck out of here! I can only hope and wish you all the best in every facet of your life in the coming year my friend! Much love to you!! xoReplyCancel

    • Zilá - Yes, we must never despair! I wish you all the good things next chapter!ReplyCancel

  • Malia - I can’t wait to see the new stuff!ReplyCancel

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